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Whitlock and CRPSIR featured in documentary and on

December 2, 2014

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Janis Whitlock and filmmaker Monica Zinn

Janis Whitlock and filmmaker Monica Zinn.
photo courtesy of Monica Zinn

"Every single human being suffers and every human being finds a way to handle that," Dr. Janis Whitlock notes in the documentary film, Self Inflicted. Whitlock, director of the BCTR's Cornell Research Program on Self-Injury and Recovery (CRPSIR), is interviewed in the film, which also features youth who self-injure and other experts in the field. Self Inflicted will be released in 2015.

CRPSIR's work is referenced in a post on on the ways that teens deal with anxiety. The post and accompanying video outline the stressors teens face and the ways they're amplified by social media. Some teens acknowledge that self-injury can become an option they turn to in order to handle stress. A list from CRPSIR of warning signs that a child may be self-injuring is included in the post.


Self Inflicted trailer

Generation stress? How anxiety rules the secret life of teens -

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