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Valerie Adams co-authors chapter in new volume on racial stereotyping

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Valerie Adams, NY State 4-H Leader, co-authored a chapter, "Media Socialization, Black Media Images and Black Adolescent Identity," in the newly-published Racial Stereotyping and Child Development (Karger).



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2012 Youth Development Research Update gathers practitioners and researchers

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The 2012 Youth Development Research Update was held June 5-6 at La Tourelle, Ithaca. The 48 attendees were from Cornell, youth service agencies (e.g. adolescent pregnancy prevention providers and youth bureaus), extension educators (4-H, parent education from 19 counties). Practitioners in attendance were very excited to have direct access to researchers. One researcher made a connection with a practitioner that will lead to a research project testing an intervention in the field.

The speakers:

  • Opening Remarks - Valerie N. Adams
  • Engaging Youth in Disciplinary Literacy: How Can We "Extend" Authentic, Relevant Learning? - Travis D. Park
  • Purpose as an Asset for Youth Development - Anthony L. Burrow
  • Puberty: Individual Differences and Emotional Development - Jane E. Mendle
  • Bullies and Their Bullying: Who Are They and Can We Stop Them? - Ritch C. Savin-Williams
  • Youths' and Families' Cultural and Political Knowledge: A Human Rights Perspective - Sofia A. Villenas

Throughout the event, several roundtable discussions allowed time to focus on application and implementation issues.

Valerie Adams, Stephen Hamilton, and Jackie Davis-Manigaulte

Each year the Youth Development Research Update brings practitioners and researchers together for a day and a half in Ithaca, New York. In addition to presentations on specific areas of research, the Research Update offers participants the opportunity to explore two questions: How can practitioners use research findings to benefit young people? Which questions emerge from the field that researchers have not explored and need to address?

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