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CRPSIR cited in NPR story on self-injury

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In his late teens David Fitzpatrick began to cut himself with razor blades. He was not intending to commit suicide, but was using self-injury as a way to cope with overwhelming emotions. This type of is self-wounding is called Nonsuicidal self-injury (NSSI), which the Cornell Research Program on Self-Injury and Recovery (CRPSIR) defines as the deliberate, self-inflicted destruction of body tissue resulting in immediate damage, without suicidal intent, and for purposes not culturally sanctioned.

David told his story to local NPR station WNPR in Connecticut, describing his shame and confusion around NSSI,

For me, it was just a growing depression, and shame, and self-rage, and loathing...I got so overwhelmed. I felt like I can’t tell anyone about this, because it’s so bizarre.

The piece references information from the CRPSIR web site, an excellent source of information on NSSI, including resources for those who self-injure, parents and caregivers, friends, therapists, and other professionals who serve youth.


Self-injury and mental illness: A story of recovery - WNPR

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Dunifon on WSKG Radio’s Community Conversations

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dunifonBCTR associate director Rachel Dunifon participated in the WSKG program Community Conversations on the topic of Women and the Workplace. Dunifon was in discussion with host Crystal Sarakas and guest Phoebe Taubman, Staff Attorney at A Better Balance. The group considered income inequality, specific difficulties for lower income working women, issues of work/family balance, and how policy could address such issues.

Audio of the program can be heard here.

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4-H’s CITIZEN U featured in NPR StoryCorp’s National Day of Listening

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StoryCorps is an ongoing project that records the diverse oral histories and stories of Americans. StoryCorps is created in partnership with National Public Radio, who air selected recordings weekly. This Friday, November 23rd, StoryCorps is instituting a National Day of Listening, an alternative or addition to Black Friday shopping.

The National Day of Listening is a day to honor a loved one through listening. It's the least expensive but most meaningful gift you can give this holiday season.

Included in the National Day of Listening archive are recordings by students in 4-H's CITIZEN U program from Broome County in which they talk about their experiences with civic engagement.

CITIZEN U recordings for the National Day of Listening

Cornell Chronicle article on CITIZEN U

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Jennifer Tiffany interviewed for World AIDS Day

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On Thursday, December 1st, World AIDS Day, BCTR Director of Outreach and Community Engagement Jennifer Tiffany was interviewed by Dr. Guldal Caba for the program Are You Awake?  The episode, Remembering and Recommitting - World AIDS Day 2011, can be heard in its entirety here.

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