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RCCP at the 2014 EUSARF conference

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The 13th European Scientific Association on Residential and Family Care for Children and Adolescents Conference (EUSARF) 2014 was held in Copenhagen, Denmark on September 2-5, 2014 and the BCTR's Residential Child Care Project (RCCP) was well represented. This conference is held biannually and presents an opportunity for researchers and practitioners from Europe and around the world to exchange and discuss the latest international research and practice in child and family care. The heading for this year’s conference was "Making a Difference," focusing on ways to translate positive experiences and outcomes into best practices that make a difference in the lives of vulnerable children and their families.

Nunno, Holden, Izzo, and Kuhn

Nunno, Holden, Izzo, and Kuhn

The RCCP's Michael Nunno, Martha Holden, Charlie Izzo, Frank Kuhn, Bill Martin, and Sharon Butcher presented a symposium on Implementing, Evaluating and Sustaining a Research and Principle-based Program Model in Residential Care with Children and Adolescents: Learning from the Cornell CARE Program Experience. During this 2-hour symposium, the RCCP faculty

  • gave an overview of the CARE model and implementation process
  • shared the preliminary results from the 4- year quasi-experimental study of 14 agencies implementing the CARE model
  • discussed the complexity of implementing a principled-based model in residential therapeutic care organizations
  • and used a single case study to illustrate the impact of CARE and the RCCP’s Therapeutic Crisis Intervention (TCI) System on one organization that has a range of services to children and families

The conference also saw the launch of a new book, Therapeutic Residential Care For Children and Youth: Developing Evidence-Based International Practice, edited by J. Whitaker, J. del Valle and L. Holmes (Jessica Kinsgley Publishers). Martha Holden, James Anglin, Michael Nunno, and Charlie Izzo wrote the chapter, Engaging the Total Therapeutic Residential Care Program in a Process of Quality Improvement: Learning from the CARE Model, contributing the effort to take an international look at the current practice in therapeutic residential care.

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Nunno delivers keynote at British Institute for Learning Disabilities conference

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0089_12_024.jpgMichael Nunno delivered the keynote address at the annual British Institute for Learning Disabilities (BILD) conference in Glasgow, Scotland on May 9, 2014. His talk addressed "Elements of organisational toxicity in children's treatment facilities that leads to aggression and maltreatment." He was also a guest speaker at BILD's pre-conference research workshop, discussing "Managing the journey through the complexity of trauma informed care: Lessons from the implementation of a principle-based program model." Dr. Nunno is a senior extension associate with the Residential Child Care Project in the Bronfenbrenner Center.

The 2014 BILD conference outlined ways to turn research into daily practice and showed how positive behavior support approaches can be applied across a wide range of settings and supports. Additionally, speakers provided examples of frameworks for implementation, including qualitative outcomes from international perspectives.

A popular feature at the conference was the 20-foot-long graphic facilitation wall, where the messages from the event, and the role and future for positive behavior support were illustrated by artists from Creative Connection (detail featuring Michael Nunno below).


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