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Schaff to join CCE fact-finding trip to Nicaragua

September 7, 2012

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Cornell Cooperative Extension (CCE) and Epsilon Sigma Phi are organizing a learning and fact-finding cross-cultural trip to Nicaragua Setptember 7-16, 2012. The trip offers an opportunity for extension professionals from New York, along with a colleague from Montana, to visit several cooperatives, explore small scale development opportunities, and engage with colleagues from the National Autonomous University of Nicaragua. Nicaragua was chosen due to CCE’s active connections with NGOs working in the country and connections to the university. The benefits of this international experience include:

  • first-hand experience of how rural outreach/extension agencies in a foreign culture address issues similar to those that New York faces.
  • training in Spanish language
  • dealing with diversity
  • team-building
  • development of a multi-disciplined Extension Educator network
  • enhancement of CCE’s ability to make informed decisions that strengthen youth, families, and communities, sustain natural resources, and improve the economy

BCTR staff Nancy Schaff (NY 4-H STEM Program Specialist) will be traveling with the group.


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