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Research Navigator Initiative trains extension staff in all NY counties

June 25, 2012

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The third Research Navigator training took place on campus during April 2012 and was organized by Karl Pillemer and Jennifer Tiffany. The Research Navigator Initiative was developed to provide training to county CCE personnel with the goal of improving their understanding of research processes and their skills as potential collaborators in CHE research projects. Through this program, CCE staff learn how to create more successful partnerships with campus researchers; enhance their knowledge and understanding of the research process; become familiar with the campus research environment; and develop more in-depth understanding of evidence-based programming.

A total of 22 educators from 18 counties attended the April training. With this third training, theg oal of having at least one Research Navigator in each county was achieved. This year, the training was revised to focus more explicitly on translational research and connections to the Bronfenbrenner Center for Translational Research. In addition to faculty with extension appointments, research faculty including Marianella Casasola, Dan Lichter, David Feathers, and Jennifer Gerner made in-depth presentations to the group. Evaluation of the program has informed initial plans for next year’s in-service and a series of topical working sessions for CCE staff and campus-based researchers to be hosted by the BCTR is also in the planning phase.


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