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Innovative Pilot Study Program


This program is no longer active, but the funding continues to produce new research findings. From 2012-14 the BCTR Innovative Pilot Study Program awarded 18 grants of up to $12,000 each.

The overarching goal of the pilot study program was to encourage researchers to systematically move social and behavioral research into real-world practice and policy. Proposals involving faculty and researchers from more than one discipline were given priority. The pilot study program had four major aims:

  1.  To encourage new research on health, healthy development, and well-being across the life course that has clear potential for translation into practice and policy;
  2. To promote researcher interest and expertise in conducting collaborative research with national, state, and community agencies and organizations and in translating basic research for use in policy and in community settings;
  3. To provide the experience and preliminary data that will lead to success in obtaining an externally funded grant to expand the research;
  4. To encourage more researchers to engage in translational research by offering support and consultation on methodological issues and developing partnerships with community agencies.


2014 Innovative Pilot Study seed grant recipients

Neural Mechanisms of Pain Experience of Individuals Who Self-injure and Investigating the Feasibility of Using a Mindfulness-based Intervention
Adam Anderson, Human Development
Janis Whitlock, BCTR

Spatial Language and Spatial Play in the Early Development of Spatial Skills
Marianella Casasola, Human Development

Caregiver Responsiveness and Infant Language Development
Michael Goldstein, Psychology
Rachel Dunifon, Policy Analysis and Management
Eliza Cook, BCTR

The Science Word Scavenger Hunt: Design, Implementation, and Assessment of a Simple Interactive Museum Experience to Engage Young Children and Their Families in Science Learning
Tamar Kushnir, Human Development
Michelle Kortenaar, Sciencenter

Determinants of Financial Vulnerability in Community-Dwelling Older Adults: A Pilot Research Study
Nathan Spreng, Human Development
Karl Pillemer, Human Development
Mark Lachs, Weill Cornell

2013 Innovative Pilot Study seed grant recipients

MoodRhythm: Supporting Individuals with Bipolar Disorder to Establish Stable and Regular Daily Routines
Geri Gay, Communications
Mark Matthews, Information Science
Stephen Voida, Information Science
Ellen Frank, University of Pittsburgh

Exploring the Relationship between Latino Growth, Native Out-migration, and School Financing: A Pilot Study of School Districts in New York State, 1980-2010
Matthew Hall, Policy Analysis and Management
Jacob Hibel, Purdue University

Teacher’s Education and Student Achievement: Does School Quality Matter?
Jordan Matsudaira, Policy Analysis and Management

Expressive Writing and Pubertal Development: Testing a Brief Intervention
Jane Mendle, Human Development

Translating the Evidence to Build a Community-level Intervention Framework for Catalyzing Positive Change in Rural Food and Physical Activity Environments
Rebecca Seguin, Division of Nutritional Science
Matthew Buman, Arizona State University

A Pilot Study of Parent-child Relationship Dynamics within Blended Families
Laura Tach, Policy Analysis and Management

School Gardens and Children’s Health: Making a Difference in Health Behaviors Through Policy & Practice
Nancy Wells, Design and Environmental Analysis
Jennifer Wilkins, Division of Nutritional Science

 2012 Innovative Pilot Study seed grant recipients

Mental Health Disclosure and Secondary Effects on Social Networking Sites
Natalya Bazarova, Communications
Dan Cosley, Information Science
Janis Whitlock, BCTR

Using Data to Make Sports Safer: Toward a National Registry of Catastrophic Youth Sports Injuries
William Block, Cornell Institute for Social and Economic Research
Warren Brown, Cornell Institute for Social and Economic Research
Florio Arguillas, Cornell Institute for Social and Economic Research
Susanne Bruyere, Disability Studies
Michael Stuart, Mayo Clinic/USA Hockey
Robert Marx, Weill Cornell Medical College
Stephen Lyman, Weill Cornell Medical College

Intervening on Purpose and Meaning in Adolescence
Anthony Burrow, Human Development
Janis Whitlock, BCTR

Food Choices among Dominican Women in New York City: Interaction of Food Culture and Environment
Carol Devine, Division of Nutritional Science
Sandra P. Gucciardi, Cornell Cooperative Extension NYC
Pamela Weisberg, Division of Nutritional Science

Physical Access to Healthcare Environments: Ergonomic Analysis for Persons with Physical Disabilities Across the Lifespan
David Feathers, Design and Environmental Analysis

Working with Meals-On-Wheels to Address Oral Health Needs
Cary Reid, Division of Geriatrics, Weill Cornell Medical College
Kavita Ahluwalia, Clinical Dentistry, Columbia University
Allison Nickerson, TRIPLL, Weill Cornell Medical College