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BCTR Fellows Program


The Fellows Program responds to the BCTR mission to expand, strengthen, and speed the connections between cutting-edge research and efforts to enhance human development, health, and well-being.

A fundamental goal of the BCTR is to serve as an incubator of translational research projects in the social and behavioral sciences at Cornell. The Fellows Program will help achieve that goal by bringing faculty members in the College of Human Ecology into the orbit of the BCTR, actively encouraging their engagement with the center and their commitment to its mission and success.

This program provides a range of support for faculty members wishing to engage in translational research in the behavioral and social sciences. BCTR fellows receive two years of support that includes:

  • An academic-year graduate research assistant (GRA) for both years
  • Pilot study funding for both years
  • Additional funding upon request for costs related to translational research activities (for example, developing relationships with community agencies or dissemination of research to practice audiences)
  • Access to proposal-writing support, including assistance with accessing community populations, working with agencies, IRB issues in translational research, consultation on proposals (including a “mock study section” review)
  • Space for fellows' GRAs in Beebe Hall

The goal of the BCTR Fellows Program is to provide faculty with additional resources to develop and conduct translational research projects. For this reason, official responsibilities are deliberately kept to a minimum. Fellows are expected to:

  • Participate in a half-day orientation in which meetings will be held with leaders of the major BCTR projects.
  • Serve on a BCTR Fellows Committee
  • Give one presentation on some aspect of their work in each of the two years
  • Attend BCTR functions as available
  • Engage in at least one collaborative activity within the BCTR.
  • Submit a brief report of activities at the end of each year.


2015-2017 BCTR Fellows

Marianella Casasola, Professor in Human Development, portrait picture.



Marianella Casasola
Associate Professor
Human Development





Rebecca Seguin
Assistant Professor
Nutritional Sciences





Christopher Wildeman
Associate Professor
Policy Analysis and Management