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In various ways, the BCTR assists CHE faculty in the development of translational research (TR) projects.

Such activities can involve providing support to experienced investigators that will increase the likelihood that a faculty member will receive funding for their TR project, or will more readily complete a project and disseminate its results. For faculty with less experience doing translational research, the BCTR provides proposal preparation assistance, training and technical support, and help brokering collaborative relationships with other more experienced faculty.

Some activities related to faculty research include:

  • The Research Navigator Initiative, which supports research collaborations between Cornell faculty and Cornell Cooperative Extension educators
  • regular informal works-in-progress seminars where new proposals and preliminary research data will be presented
  • pre-submission review of proposals
  • the development of standard language for insertion into proposals - e.g. around the organizational capacity of the BCTR and the college in supporting TR work, or around required language for data sharing plans
  • BCTR administrative staff may also help prepare and submit proposals if it has been determined that the grant would be administered in the BCTR.