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Experts offer new findings on youth at research update

June 17, 2014

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Jutta Dotterweich talking to a group during a roundtable discussion

Each year the BCTR sponsors the Youth Development Research Update to present and discuss the latest research in youth development. This June 3-4 Cornell researchers gathered with Cornell Cooperative Extension (CCE) county leaders, 4-H educators, and community partners for the fourth annual research update.

In a Cornell Chronicle article about the event, Stephen Hamilton, BCTR Associate Director for Youth Development, describes the event's purpose:

The research update informs practitioners about research-based knowledge they can draw on in their work... It fosters dialogue that enables researchers to understand what is most important and most useful to practitioners and ultimately for both to find common ground for collaboration.

In addition to an update on pilot trainings by Jutta Dotterweich, the following talks presented new research:

  • Robert Sternberg, Human Development: Beyond IQ: Assessing students for creative, analytical, practical, wisdom-based, and ethical skills
  • Nancy Wells, Design and Environmental Analysis: Findings from a research - extension partnership: The effects of school gardens on children’s diet and physical activity
  • Natalie Bazarova, Communications: Self-disclosure of personal information in social media
  • Travis Gosa, Africana Studies: Does hip-hop really belong in schools? Reframing hip-hop as critical pedagogy
  • Lorraine Maxwell, Design and Environmental Analysis: The role of the physical environment in child and adolescent self-efficacy


Experts offer new findings on youth at research update - Cornell Chronicle

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