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BCTR Talks at Twelve will now be recorded and available online

February 6, 2013

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The BCTR Talks at Twelve series brings in off-campus speakers and features Cornell speakers from across the university. Starting with the first talk this spring, the center is recording the audio and powerpoint from talks and posting them to our YouTube channel and in this web site's Media Library.

The first talk by a group of Cornell Cooperative Extension educators, La CCE Brigada Exploratoria en Nicaragua. Contexto, Encuentros, y Reflexiones (The CCE Exploratory Brigade in Nicaragua. Context, Encounters, and Reflections), is up now.

Look for these Talks at Twelve videos to be posted this semester:

February 22:
Challenging Casanova: Beyond the Stereotype of the Promiscuous Young Male
, Andrew Smiler
April 11:
Measuring the Value of Program Adaptation: A Comparative Effectiveness Study of a Standard vs Culturally Adapted Arthritis Self-Help Program
, Emily Chen
April 18:
An Outline of an Empirically Oriented Assessment and Treatment Program for Adolescent Sex Offenders
, Barry Burkhart
April 25:
Rediscovering Context: Clinical Data-Mining Findings and the Future of Evidence-informed Practice, Irwin Epstein
April 30:
Food Choices among Dominican Women in New York City: Interaction of Food Culture and Environment, Carol Devine
May 9:
Using Data to Make Sports Safer: Toward a National Registry of Catastrophic Youth Sports Injuries, William Block
May 14:
Intervening on Purpose and Meaning in Adolescence, Anthony Burrow
May 16:
Physical Access to Healthcare Environments: Ergonomic Analysis for Persons with Physical Disabilities Across the Life Span, David Feathers
May 21:
Working with Meals-on-Wheels to Address Oral Health Needs, Cary Reid
May 23:
Mental Health Disclosure and Secondary Effects on Social Networking Sites, Natalie Bazarova

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