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BCTR produces series of videos on aspects of youth development

January 15, 2013

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Each year the Youth Development Research Update brings practitioners and researchers together to explore how practitioners can use research findings to benefit young people and to identify questions emerging from the field that researchers have not yet explored.

Following the 2012 Youth Development Research Update, the BCTR produced a series of short video interviews with two of the event speakers. This may an ongoing series, produced after each year's Youth Development Research Update.

Anthony Burrow, Assistant Professor of Human Development, presented research on the significance of developing positive identities and a meaningful sense of direction during adolescence and young adulthood. The short video topics are:

What is Purpose?
How Can a Sense of Purpose be Fostered?
Purpose for Youth Coping with Challenges

Multiple Paths to Purpose

Travis Park, Associate Professor and Director of the Cornell Teacher Education Program, presented research related to disciplinary literacy in formal education, specifically agriculture and career and technical education. The short video topics are:

What is Literacy?
The Focus in Formal Education
Strategies for Literacy Education
Improving Literacy in Informal Youth Settings


February 04, 2013

The YouTube videos by Dr. Burrow and Dr. Park were excellent. Great way to bring the Youth Development Research Update to many CCE staff and volunteers! Excellent choice of topics to include, too.

February 05, 2013

Glad you found them helpful! We are thinking about making them an annual series recorded after the Youth Development Research Update. Please let us know of any topics of interest.

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