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Affiliate Anthony Burrow talks about purpose on “Through the Wormhole”

May 22, 2015

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news-burrow-inpostAnthony Burrow, assistant professor of human development and BCTR faculty affiliate, studies the role of purpose in the lives of young people and how and to what extent a sense of purpose can promote positive adjustment outcomes. He is a 2012 BCTR pilot grant recipient for his study Intervening on Purpose and Meaning in Adolescence and has delivered a BCTR Talk at Twelve and a presentation at our annual Youth Development Research Update on the subject.

A recent episode of Through the Wormhole, a program on the Science Channel hosted by Morgan Freeman, features Burrow discussing the motivations for his work and why this area of research holds great promise for promoting healthy lives. The full episode wonders Are We Here for a Reason? Burrow's segment begins at 38:57. The full episode can be viewed for a fee on YouTube.


Through the Wormhole: Are We Here for a Reason? - YouTube


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June 02, 2015

Very much enjoyed this. Thank you.

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