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ACT for Youth conducts focus groups on family planning services

June 12, 2012

This June under the direction of Jane Powers, ACT for Youth staff are conducting focus groups across New York State to better understand young people's views about, and access to, family planning services. This research is sponsored by the New York State Department of Health as part of its ongoing effort to incorporate youth voice into sexual health initiatives. Between 2005-2009, there was a decrease in the number of youth under 18 using services at Title X family planning clinics. The reasons for this decline are unclear; focus groups provide a mechanism for tapping into the perspectives of young people on the issue. The focus groups are expected to reach 200 adolescents (age 14-17) and young adults (age 18-21) across ethnically diverse groups both upstate and downstate. Special outreach will be made to LGBT and immigrant youth. Comprehensive Adolescent Pregnancy Prevention grantees throughout the state are contributing to the effort. Key BCTR staff members on the project include Chris Batman-Mize, Sara Birnel, Jennifer Parise, Amanda Purington, and Heather Wynkoop.

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