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2014 Innovative Pilot Study Grant awardees

May 30, 2014

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The Bronfenbrenner Center is pleased to announce the 2014 recipients of Innovative Pilot Study seed grants. Most applications came from cross-departmental collaborative teams and, in all, nine Cornell centers/departments were represented in the submitted proposals. Application information for the 2015 Innovative Pilot Studies seed grants will be posted in late 2014.

2014 Innovative Pilot Study seed grant recipients

Neural Mechanisms of Pain Experience of Individuals Who Self-injure and Investigating the Feasibility of Using a Mindfulness-based Intervention
Adam Anderson, Human Development
Janis Whitlock, BCTR

Spatial Language and Spatial Play in the Early Development of Spatial Skills
Marianella Casasola, Human Development

Caregiver Responsiveness and Infant Language Development
Michael Goldstein, Psychology
Rachel Dunifon, Policy Analysis and Management
Eliza Cook, BCTR

The Science Word Scavenger Hunt: Design, Implementation, and Assessment of a Simple Interactive Museum Experience to Engage Young Children and Their Families in Science Learning
Tamar Kushnir, Human Development
Michelle Kortenaar, Sciencenter

Determinants of Financial Vulnerability in Community-Dwelling Older Adults: A Pilot Research Study
Nathan Spreng, Human Development
Karl Pillemer, Human Development
Mark Lachs, Weill Cornell

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