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2013 Innovative Pilot Study seed grant awardees

April 26, 2013

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The Bronfenbrenner Center is pleased to announce the 2013 recipients of Innovative Pilot Study seed grants. Most applications came from collaborative teams and, in all, twelve Cornell centers/departments and seven other universities or organizations were represented in the submitted proposals. Application information for the 2014 Innovative Pilot Studies seed grants will be posted in late 2013.

2013 Innovative Pilot Study seed grant recipients

MoodRhythm: Supporting Individuals with Bipolar Disorder to Establish Stable and Regular Daily Routines
Geri Gay, Communications
Mark Matthews, Information Science
Stephen Voida, Information Science
Ellen Frank, University of Pittsburgh

Exploring the Relationship between Latino Growth, Native Out-migration, and School Financing: A Pilot Study of School Districts in New York State, 1980-2010
Matthew Hall, Policy Analysis and Management
Jacob Hibel, Purdue University

Teacher’s Education and Student Achievement: Does School Quality Matter?
Jordan Matsudaira, Policy Analysis and Management

Expressive Writing and Pubertal Development: Testing a Brief Intervention
Jane Mendle, Human Development

Translating the Evidence to Build a Community-level Intervention Framework for Catalyzing Positive Change in Rural Food and Physical Activity Environments
Rebecca Seguin, Division of Nutritional Science
Matthew Buman, Arizona State University

A Pilot Study of Parent-child Relationship Dynamics within Blended Families
Laura Tach, Policy Analysis and Management

School Gardens and Children’s Health: Making a Difference in Health Behaviors Through Policy & Practice
Nancy Wells, Design and Environmental Analysis
Jennifer Wilkins, Division of Nutritional Science

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